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Maria Teresa de Lemos Monteiro Fernandes

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Teresa Monteiro Fernandes



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Condition de Levi pour les systemes microdifferentiels, propagation et constructibilite pour les systemes microdifferentiels formels


Pierre Schapira



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19 valores

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Universidade de Lisboa

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Faculdade de Ciências

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Period Position Institution
01-09-1971 - 31-07-1973 Monitora Universidade de Lisboa
01-08-1973 - 31-07-1975 Assistente Eventual Universidade de Lisboa
01-08-1975 - 31-01-1983 Assistente Universidade de Lisboa
01-02-1983 - 30-04-1987 0:00:00 Professora Auxiliar Universidade de Lisboa
01-05-1987 - 15-05-1995 Professora Associada Universidade de Lisboa
16-05-1995 - Professora Catedrática Universidade de Lisboa

Area of scientific activity

Area of scientific activity

Theory of D-Modules and Microlocal Analysis (Algebraic Analysis), Geomtry and Topology.

Theory of D-Modules and Microlocal Analysis (Algebraic Analysis), Geomtry and Topology.

Specialization domain

D-Modules Theory and Microlocal Analysis (i.e., Algebraic Analysis)

Current main scientific area

Subanalytic Geometry and Twistor D-Modules.
Relative Riemann-Hilbert correspondence, relative subanalytic sheaves and dualities between relative tempered functor and relative Whitney functor. Complex integral transforms and D-modules.

Other scientific activities

Org.of Meetings:
- Alg.Analysis Conf. on the occasion of Pierre Schapira's 60th birthday, Venice Intern.Univ.,San Servolo,Venice,Italy,Jun.2003.
-D-Modules and Hypergeometric Functions, FCUL,Portugal,Jul.2005.
- Algg. Geometry, D-modules and Foliations, Buenos Aires,Argentina,Jul.2008.
- Conf. "Algebraic Geometry, D-modules, Foliations and their interactions",Buenos Aires,Argentina,Jul.2008.
- Workshop on Algebra 2010, CAUL, Lisbon, Portugal,Jul.2010.
-1 Escuela Latinoamericana de Geometria Algebraica y Aplicaciones (ELGA 2011),Cordoba,Buenos Aires,Argentina,Aug.2011.
-Iberian Meeting on Alg.Analysis and Geometry,Lisbon,Portugal,Sep.2011.
Alg.Analysis, Padova 12-23 February 2013
D-modules and singularities, Padova, September 14-16, 2015
D-Modules and Singularities, 6-8 September 2017-Sevilla
Coord. of I&D units and head of the Depart of Maths, past and present

Experience as scientific advisor

Ph.D. Theses
- Rui Pimenta Rodrigues, Dissertation on Microlocal Analysis, Algebraic Analysis and D-Modules, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, 1993;
- Carlos Miguel Menezes, Dissertation on Microlocal Analysis, Algebraic Analysis and D-Modules, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, 1999;
- Ana Rita Dias Martins, "Microsuporte, co-microsuporte e aplicações ao estudo da regularidade", Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, July 19, 2007;
- David Cóias Raimundo, "Análise Microlocal em Variedades Simpléticas Complexas", Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, to be discussed on February 15, 2013.

Pos Doc supervisor of several students including recently Violaine Colin, Giovanni Morando, Luca Prelli.

Masters Theses
- Ana Rita Dias Martins, "Sistemas microdiferenciais complexos e aplicação ao estudo do microsuporte das soluções", Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, 2003.

Supervision of young researchers
-Ana Rita Martins- Algebraic Topology,
- Rui Miguel Gonçalves dos Reis, research on Algebraic Topology, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, October 2002 - July 2003.
- David Cóias Raimundo, 2007.
-Cláudia Bicho
-Pedro C, both initiation to Differential Geometry, 2011.

Participations in R&D projects

Local Coordinator of the “European Singularities Network”
EC Contract CHRX-CT94-0609

Coordinator of the Project POCTI/MAT/37842/2001
"Desenvolvimentos e Aplicações da Teoria dos D-Módulos"
01/January/2002 - 31/December/2005


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Livros (autor)

  • Kashiwara, M.; Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Schapira, P.
    D-Modules and Microlocal Geometry
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    Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro
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Artigos em revistas de circulação internacional com arbitragem científica

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    Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Fiorot, Luisa
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    Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Sabbah, Claude
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    DOI: 10.4171/PM/1997

Outras publicações

  • Notes and Translation of the book
    Masaki Kashiwara
    Systems of Microdifferential Equations
    Progress in Maths, 1983, Birkhauser , Boston. Basel. Stuttgard

    Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro
    Review of the book Contact Geometry and Linear Differential Equations, by Nazaikinskii, V.; Shatalov, V.; Sternin, B. - Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, 31 (1995), 308-311.

    Barroso, Augusto; Fernandes, Teresa Monteiro; Dias da Silva, José
    Que Professores para as nossas Escolas?
    Público, 22 July 2003, p.5


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Outras comunicações orais

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Relative Riemann-Hilbert correspodence in dimension 1, First Joint International Meeting RSME-SCM-SEMA-SIMAI-UMI, Bilbao, Espagne, 30 juin–4 juillet 2014.

Relative Riemann-Hilbert correpsondence, Lisbon, June 2016

Frequentes Seminários em univ.nacionais.
Participação aprox. anual no seminário de Análise Algébrica, Univ. Padova.