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Eric Anders Carlen

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Eric Anders Carlen



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Ph.D. in Physics

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Faculdade de Ciências do Mar e do Ambiente

Thesis title

The Existence and sample path properties of diffusions in Nelson's stochastic mechanics.



Scientific area

Analysis ans mathematical physics

Profissional activity

Period Position Institution
02-07-2007 - Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Rutgers University
01-07-1997 - 30-06-2007 Professor of Mathematics Georgia Institute of Technology

Area of scientific activity

Area of scientific activity

Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations, and Mathematical Physics

Specialization domain

Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations, and Mathemaitical Physics

Current main scientific area

Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Calculus of Variations, and Mathemaitical Physics

Other scientific activities


Experience as scientific advisor

I have supervised the Ph. D theses of

(1) Clayton Kerce

(2) Suleyman Ulusoy

(3) Jogi Bandophadhay

(4) Gabe Bouch

(5) Lillian (Katy) Craig.

Participations in R&D projects

I have had a joint National Science Foundation research grant with Michael loss of Georgia Tech continuously sine 1992. This grant has just ben renewed for another three years.<br><br>I have laso obtained numerous special purpose grants for conferences or targeted collaboration from the NSF.


Year Award Awarding entity


Artigos em revistas de circulação internacional com arbitragem científica


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This is a lecture series <br>features just two speakers for three lectures each. It is attended by mathematicans from all over France, and some from beyond.<br>This time it was myself and Cedric Villani.<br><br><br>{(52)} May 2003, Rome, A conference on Statistical Mechanics held at the <br>Academia Nazionale dei Lince, with a small number of speakers from all over the world<br>giving two 45 minute lectures each.<br><br>{(53)} June 2003, Lyon, Probability seminar at the E.N.S.<br><br><br>{(54)} July 2003, Lisbon, Plenary Speaker at the International Congress of Mathematical Physics<br>(Held every three years, top conference in the field).<br><br><br>{(55)} September 2003, Bloomington. Colloquium at Indiana University.<br><br><br><br>{(56)} October 2003, Pisa, Invited lecturer at a weeklong international meeting on mass <br>transport and applications at the E.N.S. Pisa.<br><br><br>{(57)} February 2004, Rutgers, Invited mathematical physics lecture.<br><br>{(58)} May 2004, Analysis Seminar, University of Pavia <br><br>{(59)} November 2004, Iowa State University, Colloquium <br><br>{(60)} December 2004, Invited Session Lecture at the SIAM PDE meeting in Houston <br><br>{(61)} January 2005, I.H.E.S ., Lecture for Groupe de Travial in Statistical mechanics <br><br>{(62)} February 2005, Analysis–Probability seminar at Northwestern University <br><br>{(63)} April 2005, Analysis Seminar at University of Paris VI. <br><br>{(64)} April 2005, Probability Seminar at University of Paris XI I I. <br><br>{(65)} April 2005, PDE Seminar at E.N.S. Paris <br><br>{(66)} May 2005, Invited Lecture at a conference on Kinetic Theory in Mantova <br><br>{(67)} May 2005, Mathematics Colloquium at Technical University, Lisbon <br><br>{(68)} June 2005, Invited Lecture at Fejer–Riesz Conference in Eger, Hungary <br><br>{(69)} June 2005, Analysis Lecture at University of Lisbon <br><br>{(70)} June 2005, Invited Session Lecture in Mathematic al Physics at the Mainz joint meeting of the American and German mathematical societies . <br><br>{(71)} July 2005, Invited Lecture at an international conference on Mass Transportation at the ICM in Edinburgh <br><br>{(72)} September 2005, Mathematical Physics seminar a Rutgers<br><br>{(73)} November 2005, Lecture at the Oberwolfach meeting "Heat Kernels and Functional Inequalities"<br> <br> <br>